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London corporate event catering with a difference

The Good Eating Company has 23 years of experience transforming corporate events with innovative, global foods in contemporary settings; our teams are always attentive, engaging and take great pride in delivering service. Whether you are planning a new product launch, company event, conference, intimate dinner for investors & shareholders, award ceremony, or networking Christmas party, our fresh take on good food and drink is designed to impress. From private dinners for ten to major events, The Good Eating Company creates quality bespoke selections and inspiring bar offerings that will delight and impress guests from start to finish.

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Who we work with

Bespoke Solutions

We work with some of the world's best companies; delivering our unique services from creative agencies to pharmaceutical companies and everyone in between. 

We take care of the entire process, from installing kitchens and creating dining spaces, to producing fabulous fresh food. 

Complete Services

We provide a total food experience that reflects and enhances the core values of the companies we work with. 

How does corporate catering contribute to the success of your event?

If you want to plan corporate events without the stress of organising the services of different vendors, you need event catering that consolidates the entire process. Great food, wine, cocktails, stylish dining spaces, quality stemware & dinnerware, specialised equipment, and trained staff will ensure that your event will run smoothly.

Curated events require customised food and beverage and often these become one of the most distinguishing features of a successful event. Creative dining options like street food, canapes, or themed food favourites, will create the foundations of an event to remember.

Exciting dishes and well-chosen beverages precipitate positive shared experiences. They get people talking and circulating. In a world propelled by Insta stories, the right caterer can help you to curate successful moments of shared corporate celebration that create positive team sentiment and engagement. A corporate event sets the stage for an opportunity to elevate and improve your corporate culture, if your people are well-fed and watered.

Get in touch

If you are considering making a real change, looking for inspiration or are interested in becoming part of our fabulous team, we would really love to hear from you. Simply pick up the phone or drop us an email - it really is that easy.

Registered in England No: 03893038.
Registered Office: One Southampton Row,
London‚ WC1B 5HA

VAT Registration: GB 561 2290 61 
The Good Eating Company © 2016

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Good Food

We recognise that the food we
serve should be as good as your favourite restaurant or café;  that’s
why our talented chefs take pride in producing delicious, wholesome dishes in our kitchens every day, using the finest, natural ingredients sourced from our carefully selected suppliers.

Our Food

How do you pick a caterer for your event?

Every successful London event needs an experienced caterer with dynamic capacity, a well-developed supply chain, experienced partners and engaged teams. As events become larger, the freshness and temperature of the food is more challenging and the route-to-site of the caterer should become a critical decision criteria. Experienced teams who have worked together and have a passion for excellence are critical for an inspiring and high-quality experience. Past experience of diverse events has led us to have an extensive network of partner suppliers who work with us on speciality events, or when short lead times are necessary.

Another important choice criteria is whether the catering company has demonstrated repeat business and meaningful long-term relationships with corporate clients over time. Designing a one-off event with flair is easy on paper, but demonstrating repeat, high quality events takes perseverance and performance and is a much better determinant of delivering the event you have planned.

Food safety standards certification and environmentally-friendly operations certification are official validation of best practices and are a top priority of blue chip companies. As many organisations seriously prioritise the planet in their corporate commitments, events should be no exception.

Finally, Health & Safety training and continuous monitoring and maintaining compliance standards in affiliation with training organisations, enable staff to handle corporate events efficiently and skillfully. A safe event, where catering staff and employees wellbeing is a priority is worth planning for, to ensure your seamless, positive occasion.

What we offer

At The Good Eating Company, we pride ourself on being able to offer a total food experience that is in harmony with the values, commitments and public image of the blue-chip companies we work with.

For over 23 years, we have garnered industry expertise in identifying the most healthy ingredients, sustainable suppliers, and focusing on the transformative power of food innovation. We recognise the hunger for balanced meals at work, the need for engaging spaces, relaxed atmospheres, stylish ambience and planet-saving food habits.

Our priority is sustainably-sourced fresh, natural ingredients and wholesome dishes with high nutrition & optimum flavour. This is commitment is enhanced and delivered by our commitment to our people whoo are well-trained, equitably paid and cared for by The Good Eating Company. Whether you have a Good Eating Company on site, or are being supplied by us for a one off event, you should feel the difference that our people and passion-led approach delivers.  

Our menu

A curated menu, developed 100% with you, for corporate catering with bespoke dining solutions features fabulous food and drink. From casual to gourmet, from finger food to sit-down dinners, a range of menu items brings a flurry of excitement and sophistication to your event in London. Our selection of French champagnes, Italian prosecco and wines from around the world are chosen to pair with the menus. We have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free inclusive menu items constructed responsibly with careful attention to detail.

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Sustainable initiatives

Sustainability is at the centre of our sourcing policy. We source locally, seasonally, and sustainably from suppliers with planet-friendly practices and welfare standards. We use Packaging Environmental to reduce our carbon footprint with sustainable and recyclable packaging material. With ISO 14001 environmental standard accreditation under our belt, our carbon-neutral status and sustainable food systems and processes have official recognition.

We also utilise Fairtrade products and ingredients with traceability in our supply chain. Importantly, our Healthy Workplace Charter Accreditation represents our commitment to facilitating happiness and welfare within our company for our employees.

Catering options

Our fabulous food for corporate events is presented with flair on gourmet platters, grazing tables, restaurant-style seated arrangements and silver-service settings. From head tables, to cocktail bars, and outdoor food truck events, we can suggest the food and mood to create the perfect event. Working with you and your objectives for the event, we can curate an inspiring offering that your people will enjoy,  share and remember.


Get in touch

If you are considering making a real change, looking for inspiration or are interested in becoming part of our fabulous team, we would really love to hear from you. Simply pick up the phone or drop us an email - it really is that easy.

Registered in England No: 03893038.
Registered Office: One Southampton Row,
London‚ WC1B 5HA

VAT Registration: GB 561 2290 61 
The Good Eating Company © 2016

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