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Showing that we care

We fully understand the impact our business can have on the environment and the communities in which we operate, so we work in an ethical and sustainable way to meet these challenges. We are accredited with the Environmental Management System ISO14001 and are a Carbon Neutral Company. Our objective is to always seek to act in the best long-term interests of our clients and our environment.


Here are some of the initiatives we deliver across our business meeting our environmental objectives:


Effective waste reduction supported by specialist resource

We use various measures to reduce our waste and our objective is to achieve zero waste to landfill. We have a central, specialised waste management resource which support our services to achieve robust recycling in line with ISO 27001.  


Eliminating single use plastics

We have actively reduced plastic waste in our cafes. This year we are taking further steps to eradicate the use of plastic disposables and bottles.  We have introduced bambo reusable cutlery in our cafes and are committed to eliminating the use of single use plastic water bottles and replacing with recyclable cans.  


Solving the problem of takeaway cups

We work all our clients promoting KeepCups, encouraging our customers to bring their own cups to our cafes. We are currently piloting a trial with Simply Cups who recycle disposable coffee cups into second life materials such as the Cups and garden furniture.

Supporting the use of wonky vegetables 

To assist in the reduction of waste at farm level we are working with Watts Farm in Kent purchasing their wonky vegetables which would otherwise be left for waste.    

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We are a food focused company obsessed with providing our customers with delicious, healthy, responsibly sourced food every day.


Our preference is always using seasonal, local produce from small uniquely dedicated food producers providing our customers with distinctive, high-quality products. Over 90% of our nominated suppliers are local as we believe that it is hugely important to generate sustainability within the local communities that we work and to keep food miles to a minimum.  We boast partnerships with some off the best suppliers of natural, fresh sustainable produce.


We actively promote sustainable fish through our commitment to Sustainable Fish City and MSC certification. All our fresh pork, beef, lamb, poultry, fresh milk, butter, fresh British fruit and vegetables are 100% Red Tractor certified, which guarantees traceability of our food products back to the farm.  All our eggs and milk are free range and our coffee is Rainforest Alliance accredited.



People are at the heart of our business from our customers, employees and our community.  We are committed to being a good employer and contribute positively to the communities in which we work. 

We actively support our people in volunteering and work alongside a number of charities helping to tackle hunger and malnutrition, either through directly feeding vulnerable people, delivering education or skills training that equip individuals to improve their overall wellbeing.


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