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A weekend in the life of Madeline


The weekend begins with a light glass of Pinot Noir. Food preparation – Prepping pasta sauce ready for the week and saving my tomatoes from going in the compost. Then it is the 2nd stage of sour dough prep on Friday Night- ready for my Sunday breakfast. Then a cheeky bit of embroidery- working on a cross stitch fox….This is something I have not done since school.


Gardening: Trimming and removing bushes & mowing the lawn, ready for a new herb patch. 13:00 crack out the beer & log onto a virtual pub quiz with my pals from Japan, Vietnam & England (I can help you set up a quiz via Zoom with your friends and family: contact me on Zoom so far has been by far the app with the clearest image and sound.


Weather is forecasted to be 18 degrees. Start the day with a fully loaded breakfast including some of my sourdough from Friday. Bevy’s & Barbie (Barbeque) with my flat mate and flat mate only! Finishing the weekend with one of the longest films going on Netflix the ‘Irishman’ (3.5 hours long)

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