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Beginners Running Tips

By Greg Green (Head Chef at Apple UK)

Greg’s Advice:

• Take things slowly to start, it takes time to build a running/aerobic base.

• Everyone has off days, don’t be too hard on yourself

• Buy a foam roller to ease sore muscles and joints.

• Set small achievable targets and be consistent.

• Running shoes are a must, particularly for older runners.

• Pick somewhere nice to run. Scenery helps massively.

• Don’t overdo it. Build mileage slowly and listen to your body.

Check out my suggested apps - click for links!

1. C25K is probably one of the best resources available and comes with an App.

2. Great for beginners, will help build an aerobic platform which is often the toughest to begin with.

3. Check if they do this at a park near you!

4. An in depth running channel which provides training, tips and exercises.

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