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Fair-trade Fortnight

Sustainability isn’t just working with the environment but also on existing economic practices and inequal structures to make sure that people’s needs are met without compromising the needs of people in the future.

What Fairtrade does

Fairtrade empowers farmers and workers to improve their living standards, the welfare of their community and our shared environment.

Beyond certification, Fairtrade is deepening its impact by delivering specialist programmes and expertise to support communities with additional training and worker support, whether that’s empowering women coffee farmers or responding to crises such as COVID-19.

How does Fairtrade help?

Fair standards and practices promote sustainable farming to protect biodiversity and the environment; deliver training for women so they can participate and lead; secure worker rights; and tackle climate change.

Climate change is also a stark new expression of unfairness, since farming communities in some of the poorest countries are already suffering the effects of changing climate on their livelihoods, despite doing the least to cause it. Economy, society and the environment are inextricably linked.

At GEC we try and source as locally as possible but for those products that can’t be grown in the UK, we are proud to be support Fairtrade when we can't source things locally.

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