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Is there health benefits to Apple Cider Vinegar?

Our nutritionist Emily is here to help!

In short, no. Claims for the benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar include detoxing, weight loss and making you feel full.

• Detoxing: In terms of detoxing, your liver and kidneys do that for you and you can’t detox your body through food or diet.

• Weight loss: There is some evidence where a study found participants who drank vinegar lost weight, however weight loss was minimal (around 2-4 pounds over 3 months) and this was only one study so the evidence isn’t robust enough to say that it can help aid weight loss.

• Fullness: In terms of making you feel full, the mechanism behind this is that drinking it makes you feel sick, so you don’t want to eat – I wouldn’t recommend doing this!

Also bear in mind that as it is acidic it can damage the enamel on our teeth which can lead to tooth decay; so all and all I would recommend using it for salad dressings only.

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