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Keeping Healthy & Happy at Christmas

1. Don’t feel guilty for enjoying festive foods

You never need to feel guilty for eating food but particularly at Christmas time. Food is much more than just fuel for our bodies; its love, memories, comfort, culture and social interactions, just to name a few.

2. Keep the balance on top of enjoying the festivities

It doesn’t need to be one or the other! Still include three balanced meals a day whilst enjoying your favourite festive foods. Also, you may find skipping a meal may actually result in you eating more.

3. Move your body in a way you enjoy

Whether that is dancing to your favourite Christmas song, a sweaty at home workout, or a dip in the pool. It also could be an opportunity to get outside and get a daily dose of nature, which is also beneficial for our mental wellbeing.

4. Make time for you

Undoubtably, this year has been challenging. Over the Christmas break, schedule in time to do things that you enjoy and prioritise some much deserved self-care.

5. Ditch the detox after Christmas

Despite what the adverts will try to sell you, there is no evidence that detox teas, products and diets detox the body. Additionally, they suggest this underlying narrative that festive foods create a build up of toxins in the body (hence the need for a detox) which is false.

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