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Know Your Chopsticks

Chopsticks are one of the most prominent eating utensils in all of East Asia.

Did you know that there are different variations?


Slightly shorter compared to Chinese chopsticks, they are typically rounded and taper to a point. As the Japanese diet consists of large amounts of whole bony fish, the pointed ends make it easier to remove the small bones.


Korean chopsticks are of medium length with a small, flat rectangular shape, & made of metal. Traditionally they were made of brass or silver. They are virtually always used in tandem with a spoon.


The Chinese chopsticks are longer & thicker, rectangular in shape, with blunt ends. Made to be non-slippery & easy to hold, perfect for slurping noodles!


Chopsticks are similar to the ones in China; they have a blunt end. In addition, these chopsticks are often made from lacquered wood or bamboo.

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