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London Coffee Week - Meet our Suppliers!

Meet our Coffee Supplier Toby & Marcel from The Fresh Coffee Company

Marcel and Toby founded The Fresh Coffee Company in 2013 based in Reigate, Surrey.

They believe everybody should have access to great coffee.

What makes Bristot coffee so special?

Marcel: Bristot is a family-orientated business with a rich history in coffee roasting. They are a world class boutique-roaster and are located at the foot of the Italian Dolomites. They employ around 60 people and roast in one year what larger companies turn out in 2 weeks! Their focus is on quality over quantity.

Toby: The founder of Bristot is said to have had a hand in creating the first ever espresso machine and you can really get a feel for their heritage when you visit their HQ. Bristot was virtually undiscovered in the UK when we started and we are proud to have helped increase awareness of their coffee. We are now the largest distributor of Bristot in the country.

What’s it like working with GEC?

We have always been very passionate about protecting both the FCC and Bristot brands, we believe our coffee deserves to be served in the finest cafe’s and locations, and as such it has always been our ambition to work with clients who share the same philosophy about their brand….undoubtedly GEC have this within their DNA. This philosophy is reflected in their makeup as a company, the quality of the product and service they offer, and through each and every one of their team. Over the years our relationship has grown in strength, gaining presence in more and more of their client sites, something which we consider to be one of our greatest achievements and we hope continues for many more years to come.

How has COVID19 impacted your business and more widely, the coffee industry?

Toby: Our wholesale business slowed down considerably as lockdown was imposed. We had to adapt and we quickly set up our online shop. We reached out to the local community via social media and the response was really encouraging as sales rose, largely through word of mouth.

Marcel: Coffee is one of the most robust commodities on the planet! As an affordable luxury, sales and demand tend to increase during times of recession. For us, we have certainly been challenged. But we have also been presented with new, exciting opportunities which is shaping how we move the company forward.

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