Make the perfect Cappuccino and Latte with our Barista Kiran!

How to make the perfect Cappuccino

1: Fill your milk jug slightly less than half

2: Shallowly place the steam arm in the centre of the jug and steam until the milk has roughly doubled in volume

3: Extract your espresso shot (steaming the milk before running your espresso shot will give more time for the milk to separate)

4: Tap the jug against the counter to remove any big bubbles and swirl the milk gently for a smooth texture

5: Pour over the espresso from a low height

How to make the perfect Latte

1: Extract your espresso shot

2: Fill your milk jug slightly less than half

3: Angle your jug slightly and place in the steam arm roughly 2 inches into the milk and try to keep it to one side (making sure not to touch the jug). Keep it in the same position whilst you steam. You’ll want to see the milk spinning - this will help to introduce micro-bubbles into the milk

4: Tap the jug against the counter to get rid of any bubbles and swirl it to even the texture

5: Pour the milk over the espresso, making sure to keep your stream narrow

Now to create some Latte art!

1: Tilt cup until espresso is near the rim

2: Pre-pour some milk into the espresso from a height - the aim is to evenly mix the espresso

3: To make the design, pour from a low height, as close to the coffee as you can, then even out the cup whilst pouring!

Sit back, relax and enjoy!