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Meet Aussie Dave!

What has been the highlight of your week?

Tackling the garden, weeding and mowing the lawn, also trimming the massive hedge in the front - I’m the only house on street that hasn’t had work done to it- took two days but got it looking ace! Attempted Yoga, realising it’s not as easy as it looks! Ulrike will be proud! Sending recipes to Imperial college international students who are stuck in the UK, to help them with easy to do dishes at home.

2. Tell us something about yourself that we didn’t know?

So… I used to play AFL (Aussie rules football) back home, and I had a nickname, which was “Dog bite”. One day after school I literally got bitten by a dog on my arm -funny thing is I actually got bitten by a dog whilst being at the vets. YUP who’d of thought, once healed back at footie the nickname “dog bite” stuck!

3. What is the most unusual thing you own?

I’m gonna put two down as couldn’t decide which one to run with :

First: is a small briefcase which contains three 1L bottle of wine, unusual no. But the wine is from Krakow Poland and from the 1940s (can’t even open them - believe me I’ve tried) Second: Andy Warhol Transcripts covering interviews for a David Bailey made ATV documentary about him.

4. Tell us about your all-time fave music album, and why?

This took me two days to answer, and better yet still can’t answer with one all time album. I’ve opted to list ten top albums that put me in special places and different moods.

So in no particular order …

(actually lets go alphabetical)

Brian Eno - Music for Films

David bowie – Changes One

The Doors - self titled

Doing it in Lagos - boogie,

pop and disco in 1980s Nigeria

The knife - deep cuts

Led Zeppelin - IV (1971 first press -

lilac variant - only coloured record

released while the band where together)

Max Richter - Sleep

The Mystery Kindaichi Band -

the adventures of Kohsuke Kindaichi

Darkside – Psychic

Portihead - Dummy

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