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National Fish & Chips Day!

How do you like yours? It’s National Fish & Chips day! We love it so much that we spend over £1.2 billion per year in the UK on the infamous dish. Check out how the UK’s regional fish & chips preferences differ:

Aberdeen - Haddock is the most popular fish

Belfast - 54% of the population eat fish & chips at least once a month

Birmingham - The UK’s biggest curry sauce fans

Brighton - Catch your own on the beaches; Mackerel, Bass and Garfish!

Cardiff - The Guinness World Record for wrapping chips is held by Albany Fish Bar.

Glasgow - Loves a pickled egg!

Manchester - Serve their fish & chips with gravy & mushy peas

Leeds - Home to the longest running fish and chip shop, named ‘The Oldest Fish & Chip Shop in the World’.

London - In London, the Malin family claims to be first to serve fish & chips together as a dish, around 1860

Plymouth - Locals advise “never eat fish and chips when you can’t see the sea.”

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