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National Ice cream Month: Ice cream memories….

It’s ice cream month in July! We love ice cream so much that on average in the UK each person consumes 9 litres of it every year. A hot summer’s day is not complete without it, whether it’s eaten on the beach, back garden or strolling around enjoying the sunshine, it is the perfect treat. To take you down memory lane check out our teams favorite ice cream memory…

Jodie: My fondest ice cream memory has to be from our family holidays in Cornwall. Every year I would get treated to a Knickerbocker glory from a cute little café in Tintagel. It was the highlight of the week for me and I distinctly remember the excitement as it arrived at my table, and then having to climb on the chair to eat it because it was so tall!! I loved the special really long spoon that came with it and would always ask if I could take it home with me!

My favourite ice cream flavour as a child? Why pick one when you can have three!!??!! I’d always pick Neapolitan!

Rachel: Orange Callippo.. I love the bit in the end where you drink the melted juice. We used to eat them all when we go to the Isle of Wight every year…

Alice: Strawberries split, I loved it! so refreshing. My siblings and I would wait for the ice cream van, it was the highlight of our summer days…

Nick: Can’t beat a Twista, I love the complex layered flavors! Reminds me of my childhood when my dad used to build an obstacle course in the garden on a hot day where we had the big blue slide out, fairy liquid & hose pipe!

Max: Maxibon is the best thing ever! I had it the first time in Spain, half ice cream sandwich. They used to seen really big, now it’s like a canapé size!

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