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New Years Eve Cocktail Ideas


A light and refreshing play on a Scotch and soda, keeping that lovely clean and refreshing drink with a signature winter apple and spice flavour.


Scotch 50ml

Spiced Apple Syrup 20ml

Soda (top the glass)

Highball Glass


Build in the glass

Stir to make sure all ingredients are mixed well.

Garnish with Cinnamon dusted Apple Fan


Take apples of choice (ripe and juicy is best) and finely dice. For every 150g of diced apple add 300g of caster sugar, mix well and infuse at room tempurate for 12 hours, stirring intermitantly. Add 300g of water, 2g cinnamon powder and 0.5g of grated nutmeg and stir well before leaving to infuse for another 12 hours (add less or more spice to match how much flavour you would like). After ensure sugar is all dissolved before straing through a muslin cloth or jay cloth. Bottle, sealand store in fridge for up to 2 weeks.


A delicous traditional Sour style cocktail with a cognac base, honey, dry vermouth ad PX sherry to give that lovely rich texture and a richer, more raisin like element to the drinkCognac or


Brandy 15ml

Dry Vermouth 10ml

Pedro Ximenez Sherry 10ml

Honey Syrup 20ml

Lemon Juice 20ml

Egg White 20ml


Add all ingredients into cocktail shaker. Shake with no ice, then add ice and strain. Garnish with a lemon wedge.


Make your own Honey Syrup by mixing 2 parts Honey to 1 part water by volume.

You can omit egg white or use a foamer alternative to make it vegan.


A perfect combination of classic champagne cocktails all rolled into one to create the perfect start to your New Year's Eve celebrations.


Vodka 20ml

Lemon Juice 15ml

Clementine Cordial 25ml

Elderflower Liqueur 10ml

Bubbles of choice


Shake & Strain

Top with bubbles

Garnish with a lemon twist


Take the peels of your Clementines (Orange can be used as well) chop very finely or zest. For the zest of 3 clementines add 300g of caster sugar, mix well, cover and store at room tempurature for 24 hours. Stir intermintantly ensuring the sugar is absorbing the oils out of the zest (important to zest or chop very finely for this reason).After 24 hours add 400g of water and 100g of Clementine or orange juice. Stir until all the sugar is fully dissolved before straining through sieve or muslin, bottle and keep refridgerated for up to 2 weeks.

Low ABV option omit vodka and do half bubbles half soda water.

For a non alcholic remove all alcoholic elements andtop with soda.

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