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Rachels Afternoon Tea Favourites

Want to celebrate Afternoon Tea Week but not sure where to start with the sweet treats? Rachel shares her favourite bakes!

It can be tricky to decide on the perfect dessert for any aftern tea selection, let alone when the sun is shining down on you (some of the time, we are still in England after all). Choosing puddings that are quick to make and won’t be affected by the heat will be sure to create a show stopper at your Afternoon Tea Party.

Here are my go to bakes for summertime:

1) Meringue Based Desserts – including Eton Mess, Pavlova, and Meringue Kisses. Making meringue is easier than you would think and is a very light treat, which is ideal when generally our appetite is smaller in warmer weather

2) Fruit Tartlets – again very light compared to tarts with chocolate or heavier fillings. My favourite is Strawberry and Vanilla Crème Patisserie Filling

3) Cupcakes – if you are desperate for some sort of cake for dessert then cupcakes are a perfect option as they are smaller and lighter. You also have the choice to play around with flavours, icing and sprinkles!

4) Ice Cream & Sorbet – something to really cool you down is some Homemade Dessert or Sorbet which are both much simpler to make than you would think. Ice Creams can be made with Condensed Milk and Double Cream and Sorbet is just Fruit, Sugar and Lemon juice combined.

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