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St Patricks Day with Kevin!

Meet Kevin Maher Our Head of Ireland Operations...

Hi Kev!

Q: Tell us your earliest memory of St Patrick’s day?

I was about 7 years old, every town in Ireland would have their own parade and I was part of the cub scouts marching; it was bitterly cold and I remember wearing short trousers. I was so cold and fed up I didn’t want to see St Patrick’s day again….

Q: How will you be celebrating this year?

A year ago, I didn’t believe they would close everything, it looks like it’ll be the same this year, so I’ll be celebrating at home with my family and social distancing with my can of Guinness!!!!

Q: What’s the craziest thing you have done on St Patrick’s day?

In general St Patrick’s day away from home is the best fun. In 1990 when I was in London (Stratford) and there was an Irish pub from what I remember called the Mullighan’s and we queued from 11:00am to get in! once we got in, we were in there until 2am!!! we had breakfast, lunch and dinner! Lots of Irish craik!

Q: Tell us something about St Patrick’s days that we didn’t know?

Did you know that Guinness sale almost doubles on St Patrick’s Day compared to the regular days, with 5.5 million pints of it is sold!!!!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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