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Staying Sustainable in the New Normal

It’s been a crazy year! We haven’t forgotten that among this pandemic we are facing another crisis ‘Climate change’. This issue is a round up of what Team GEC are doing, and some handy tips to do our bit!



PLANT BASED RECIPES: Trial out some plant based recipes, why not try Max’s Indian Inspired Vegan Aloo Tikki, Coriander & Chilli Chutney



750g Potatoes

(Peeled and quartered)

1 Tsp Chilli Powder

1 Tsp Ground Coriander

1 Tsp Ground Cumin

½ Tsp Ground Ginger

1 Tsp Garam Masala

2 Tbsp Gram Flour

20g Fresh Coriander

(Finely Chopped)

Salt & Pepper (To Taste)

½ Tsp Cumin Seeds

½ Tsp Mustard Seeds

50g Coriander

½ White Onion

5g Caster Sugar

1 Tsp Fresh Ginger (Grated)

1 Green Chillies (Finely Chopped)

1 Lemon (Juiced)


1. Boil or steam your potatoes until soft, then drain well and mash. Add back into the pan and stir over a low heat. You need the potatoes to be as dry as possible.

2. Allow to cool and then combine with all other ingredients for the aloo tikki. Shape into 10 even balls, then pat down to form a cake shape.

3. For the chutney, toast the cumin and mustard seeds, then blend with the rest of the ingredients. The chutney should be completely combined and be a cream like consistency. Add a touch of water if required.

4. Fry the aloo tikki on a medium heat in a well-oiled pan until golden brown, on both sides. Place onto a baking tray and put through the oven to ensure they are nice and hot through.

5. Serve with the chutney as a snack or as part of an Indian feast!

EXPERIMENT: With new ways to reduce foods waste in the home; keep the skins on veg, banana bread out of old bananas, soup questionable looking veggies.

JARRED: Add days to your produce by picking and fermenting – click here for our pickling recipes

SHARING IS CARING: Excess food, why not share with your neighbours – obviously stick to the social distancing guidelines….



RECYCLE: Single-use pods used in coffee machines can not normally be recycled, but they can be collected by a company called TerraCycle , who recycle them to create new products such as baby bibs, notebooks & benches.

LOOK FOR GREENER ALTERNATIVES: Such as cleaning products, replacing cling film by using bee’s wax wrap or reusable containers.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: Have you put the heating on yet? It might be worth checking your energy provider - are they renewable?

CREATE SPACE: Decluttering your home & giving things to charity. Marie Kondo has some great tips, see below..



Choose items that spark happiness & discard what doesn’t to end up with a clutter-free home that is better able to bring more joy & prosperity to you.

Check out her 5 tips to get you started!

  • Commit yourself to tidying up.

  • Imagine your ideal lifestyle.

  • Tidy by category, not location

  • Follow the right order

  • Ask yourself if it sparks joy, if not, then throw it away. Forget the “maybe” pile



DISCOVER YOUR AREA: Try downloading apps such as view ranger for new walking, running and cycling routes.

GET GROWING: Get out your gardening gloves & try growing some winter vegetables such as onions, broad beans, peas and spinach!



Reusable cups are always welcome in our sites, our teams are ready and waiting for you.

Too Good To Go is still running at Cafe GEC - check out our blog post where we interviewed the Too Good To Go Team!

TWELVE APP: Pre-Order is now available at most sites; this means less food waste…

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