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Team GEC Favourite Christmas Films

Jodie – a Muppet Christmas Carol and why…well obviously because it has stuffed toys!

Chris - loves a classic with It’s a Wonderful World

Nick - is all for A Nightmare before Christmas, it’s unexpected and loves how the characters evolve

Rachel - went for Home Alone, the first one OBVIOUSLY! It makes her feel really Christmassy, homely and thankful each time she watches it, and always a few tears with the ending!

Max - likes Elf, just a good laugh really!

Emily - is also loving Muppet Christmas Carol, it’s just so heartwarming, with cute Muppets and she loves singing along! She always has a movie marathon on Christmas eve, and saves this for last as it’s the best!

Faye - is a fan of Hugh Grant dancing down the staircase in Love Actually

Hayley - not too much of a Christmas movie fan, prefers a good musical like Moulin Rouge or Les Mis for Chrismas

Kate - loves Arthur Christmas because it’s just plain fun!

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