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The Best Fish & Chips Ever...

Porthcawl in Wales, two years ago! At a place called Finnegans.I remember the batter was still crisp when we got it home & the fish (COD) tasted really fresh & sweet.

Chris Daynes

The best & earliest memories of Fish & Chips are at my parents’ shop they used to run in a small village in North Wales. They also sold delicious Chinese meals to take out; Dad was in charge of the wok & Mum the Fish & Chips. She would always serve the Fish & Chips fresh from the fryer with lashings of salt & vinegar…..

Alice Yu

Port Albert Wharf, back home in Aus. After a day out fishing in the boat, exhausted & slightly sunburnt, there was nothing better than F&C straight off the wharf. Perfectly crisp golden gummy shark, massive juicy scallops that burst in your mouth & crunchy chips; all washed down with a beer – perfection!

Kate Neilson

Golden Fry in Littlehampton, West Sussex.My grandad used to take me as a kid… In a town where there are dozens of chippies this one used to have a queue round the corner every night of the week. Chips in dripping too, which is more of a northern thing!

Maxwell Mckenzie

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