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The Healthiest Diet in the World

There isn’t one diet which is seen to be the best diet for health, in actual fact people can maintain health on a variety of diets. For example, if you look at different countries around the world they will all have different examples of what a healthy, balanced diet looks like and fits in with their culture. There tends to be overlapping characteristics which different healthy diets around the world share which include:

Having a healthy relationship with food

Food groups aren’t cut out;

Eating seasonally

Eating according to their culture

Also diet is only one aspect as they also tend to have a healthy lifestyle. For instance, they tend not to smoke, take part in regular low intensity exercise and are part of a community with social interactions.

What are your thoughts on keto diet?

There has been some evidence that has found a ketogenic diet useful for

people who suffer with epilepsy as it helps reduce their seizures. However in

terms of the general population there isn’t evidence that it is beneficial for our health

over a diet containing carbohydrates. Things to bear in mind with a ketogenic diet

is that it is quite hard to follow and because it limits carbs you may not be able to

reach your fibre requirements for the day (which is beneficial for digestive and gut health)

and you may feel low energy has carbohydrates are the preferred fuel our brain and muscles.

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