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Wellbeing with Emily

Our Nutritionist Emily has been receiving questions from you all week, see some of her responses…

Q: What foods help with low blood pressure? (I can feel a bit dizzy sometimes when I get up quick)

If you have low blood pressure try eating small meals frequently to avoid a sudden drop.

Caffeine and alcohol can also affect blood pressure, so if you have these regularly try to reduce your intake. More info on low blood pressure can be found on the NHS website:

Q: How many eggs should one eat a day/week? Is there a recommend limit?

There is no recommended limit on how many eggs to eat a day. They are a great source of nutrients like Vitamin D, vitamin B12, Vitamin A and Folate (to name a few). So if you like them defo include them but remember the key to having a balanced diet is variety, so whilst there isn’t anything wrong with having eggs in your diet, don’t solely rely on eggs for your protein source, make sure to mix it up!

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