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Whats 'love' got to do with it? Know your Tennis Jargon!

US open August 30 - September 12, 2021

· Bagel

The term bagel is used when the result is a disappointing 6/0, it’s a poor result losing a match without winning a single game. This referred to a single, doubled or trebled bagelled. The zero score resembles the shape of a bagel.

· Deuce

Deuce is called during a match when the score is 40-40 equal to the opponent, from this point onward, whoever wins two consecutive points, wins the game or whoever wins two consecutive games, wins that specific set.

· Seed

Seeding is the arrangements of players in the tournament, to keep competitions interesting, the best players are delayed from meeting each other until as late into the tournament as possible. It’s based on the idea in how seedlings are arranged in a garden, with the smaller ones found at the front of the plot and the larger at the back so they don’t impede on the smaller ones when they are growing

· Love

The word ‘love’ in tennis means ‘Nil or Zero’ it’s referred to when someone wins a point an update on the score is announced as 15 Love; which means a score of 15/0

· Let

Let is called when a point has to be replayed. This occurs when the server hits the net on a serve. A point can also be replayed if there is some kind of distraction that occurs to any of the players that is not done by the players themselves.

· Golden Slam

Winning a Golden Slam means to win all four Grand Slam tournaments and an Olympic gold medal in the same season. Steffi Graff is currently the only player who has had a golden slam.

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